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May 05, 2009


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Angie Griffeth

I also love the sandwich set. It is darling. What a talent you have.


Yummmm! The sandwich set is darling!!! Count me in!


Oddly enough- I love the sandwich set too :)

Mindi Cluff

Count me in!!! Also, I posted a link to your botique on my blog!!


loving the sandwich set - btw, my 2.5 yr. old daughter is loving the carrots, mushroom and squash that I recently won. She likes to make her bunny eat the carrots. She's also started pretending to eat it herself and says "What's up DOC?" My husband taught her that one :)


i love this set!! it is so cute!! i got my eggs in the mail too and i love love love them!!!


OMG this set is so cute!! I love the breakfast items with the bananas items too. SO DANG CUTE!!!


I love the sandwich set, and the banana.


I love the Pick your own vegies basket.

Mandi Barham

Ok, my mouth literally is watering over the Perfectly Pink Cake. My little one would LOVE that for her tea parties. Ok, she'd really love all of it! But, I guess that's my favorite for today!

Have you heard of the May Giveaway Day through the Sew Mama Sew blog? If not, check it out! My shop will be participating & I really think you should put yours on there as well. More people need to see your cute felt food! :)

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